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the (r)evolution within

Presently the company has 10 independently branded social enterprises and entities established to impact a variety of global industries directly. From consultation to education, Tru Group Inc. has a broad focus with a singular purpose: create services that ensure individual success and to improve industry standards.


Our social responsibility program is entitled 'Sapio Academy,' where we provide students the opportunity to get scholarships to lower the cost of university.


Presently we have 10 individual brands that manage a variety of physical and digital entities, all of which support our social responsibility program efforts.


We offer to consult a variety of different sized companies and startups located around the world. Our consultants have experience in marketing, management, and startup.


“A world that understands impact is greater than money is a world that Tru is seeking to create."

Joseph Iesué

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Tru Group Inc. Global Staff

Founder & President

Joseph Iesué 

Presidential Office Assistant

Tanner Kim

Executive Office Assistant

Richard Kwon

Chief Executive Officer

Kathy Hill

Chief Finance Officer

Rebecca Harding

Chief Development Officer

Benjamin Davis

Social Responsibility Director

Kevin Bonilla

Entity Operations Director

Jance Jones

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Where We Are Located

Estonia & USA

Our entities are spread out around the USA with a few joint-ventures in South Korea, Thailand, Panama, with our new Global World Headquarters located at the heart of the European Union in Estonia.